About us

Hi! Are you wondering where we got these beautiful, unworn vintage frames? 

In October 2018, my husband Wim and I took over an opticians store in Bertem, Belgium, that already existed for more then 35 years. It was my husbands dream to own his own shop, after working as a sales representative for a big company selling optical lenses. 

When we were going through all the frames that came with the shop, we found all these brand new vintage eyewear. We were immediately taken back by the quality of these frames, although they were sometimes more than 20 year old. We really hope to finally find the perfect owner for these vintage frames, so that they attract the attention that they deserve. 

We are currently also specializing in famous frames worn by movie stars and musicians, such as the Goliath worn in Oceans 11 or the Beacon worn in Ford VS Ferrari. We have official partnerships with these brands, so you are sure to buy from a legit partner. 

Are you looking for a specific model but you can't find it on our website? Don't hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp, we don't have our full collection online yet so it is possible that we have what your are looking for! You can also contact us by email at info@vintagedesignerframes.com

Also, if you want specific colored lenses or prescription lenses? Don't worry, as we are certified opticians we can make that happen!


Wim & Hannelore